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Welcome to Steve Berman is a writer specializing in sports writing, video game writing and marketing/advertising copy. He has written for various news organizations, including the Contra Costa Times and Steve has also founded his own sports blog, Bay Area Sports Guy, attracting over 5,000 unique visitors a month.

Steve is a passionate writer and truly enjoys what he does. To get a better feel for his writing style and see some his latest and greatest works, please browse through the writings section.

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The Bay Area Sports Guy knows sports inside and out. But what makes the blog a fun read is his irreverent sense of humor and creative way of looking at athletes and the games they play.
-Tricia Heinrich | Bay Area Sports Guy Subscriber

I love Bay Area Sports Guy. Steve provides witty commentary on local sports and turns all his readers into a fan. I can't get enough!
-Howard Scheiman | Bay Area Sports Guy Subscriber